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Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness workshop

How healthy is your company?

Many companies are now striving to ensure that their staff are happy and healthy in the workplace and invite us to come into the office to run a series of workshops designed to teach relaxation and mindfulness.

Relaxation workshops teach simple but powerful ways to encourage a sense of calm and how to become more focused. This workshop teaches the art of unwinding and letting go, with simple physical exercises designed to calm and soothe our stressed central nervous system. It begins with diaphragmatic breathing, then follows this beautiful rhythm with some simple sequences that will leave you feeling calm, contented and rooted in the present. Finally, you’ll learn the ’61 points’ exercise, travelling mentally through the body whilst in a relaxed state, and focusing on vital, nerve-rich areas to encourage a deep release of muscular tension.

Mindfulness workshops are extremely popular at the moment and found by some to be more accessible than meditation.  This workshop teaches you to bring your complete attention to the present on a moment-to-moment basis. With very beneficial results: you’ll feel more grounded and secure, and your mind will become more focused and clear.Please note that in order to ensure standard of attention that each person received, these workshops are designed for a maximum of 12 participants.Read more about mindfulness with this article from Judith Woods in the National Press. 

Contact me Suzi on 07976 263691 or email us at enquires@thevitaltouch.com to have a chat and find out more.