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Chinese Face Reading


Coco Chanel once said that, “We get the faces we deserve”. Whether this is true or not, we can certainly tell a great deal about a person from their face.

The Chinese believe that leading a balanced healthy life is key to finding harmony in the world and that a persons face, mirrors what is happening in their bodies. A healthy lifestyle will show in a persons face, likewise an inappropriate diet, negative emotions, drugs, toxins and stress will all contribute to lines, congestion, and colours on the face.

The ancient art of face reading has been used since the time of Confucius, by Chinese doctors as an aid to diagnosis and as a way of helping their patients face the future.

While the health conditions indicated by face readings aren’t set in stone, they should be used as warning signs. Heed these signs and make lifestyle adjustments to protect your long-term health. 

In Chinese face reading, it is believed that different parts of your face, mirror the health of different organ systems. So for example your cheeks correlate to your lungs, brows to the liver and lips would correlate to digestive organs. An enlarged lower lip therefore may suggest there is an issue in the intestines.

Facial colouring can also reveal what’s happening in the body, especially mineral deficiencies. So a slightly green facial hue could be related to a decreased liver function
, an overly red facial hue might indicate a heart disease or high blood pressure and a yellowish facial hue relates to a low function of spleen and stomach.

The Chinese also believe, that the eyes rule the face. We say that they are the windows of the soul. Through the eyes they can see the life force and energy of the spirit. The Chinese call this spark “glitter”. It shows the person has energy and vitality. Strong glitter gives the face a good colour and a spirited look. Dull eyes mean a feeble energy and low spirits.

The art of face reading is ancient and complex and can reveal many elements of a persons health and lifestyle. By paying attention to what your face is telling you in the mirror you could resolve your health issues before they become a problem. It seems the ancient art of face reading is as relevant today as it was in Confucius time.

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Vital Tips

The run up to the festive season is stressful use these Vital Tips to keep yourself on top form

Get organized with a list or two and take some time to relax and de stress. Run yourself a hot bath, add a splash of lavender oil and light a few scented candles. You will get a great night’s sleep and have more energy when you wake up.

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without stress: shopping in overcrowded streets and hosting your in-laws for the big dinner. Give your expectations a reality check and go easy on yourself. Set priorities, plan and delegate. Make a holiday to-do list and a timeline. Try to fit in some exercise as it releases endorphins and helps lower blood pressure, or meditate.

Stress triggers cold sores. Use lip balm that contains a sunscreen, and guard your lips against the cold wind with a scarf

Lots of us get the holiday blues – this is especially true if you’re dealing with a breakup or the loss of a loved one. Tell yourself it’s OK to not feel happy this holiday. Resist the pressure to party if you’re simply not up to it. Instead, plan activities you enjoy with people you are comfortable with. Get outdoors – fresh air and activity will brighten your mood. Reach out to a support group or friends and family, and talk to your doctor if you find it hard to cope.

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies have been around since the 1930s and are still in use in today’s society where stress related symptoms are now widespread. It is even more important that we look after ourselves and our emotional health in this fast paced world. Bach flower remedies are one way to restore emotional balance in your life.

Edward Bach, was a physician and homeopath, who invented a holistic system of healing .This system depended on the use of heavily diluted flower essences, which came to be called Bach flower remedies. Bach developed 38 flower remedies to relieve a variety of emotional and mental imbalances, including stress.

It was his ambition to create a healing system that was simple and easy to use. He created the flower remedies because he believed that a healthy body stemmed from a healthy mind. Because he sought to treat mental and emotional disturbances that, in his view, would later cause physical problems, Bach discovered a plant or flower essence that would remedy one of 38 negative states of mind.

Flower Essences are very similar in theory to Homoeopath and the main difference between the 2 therapies is in their preparation. Where Homoeopathy is prepared by crushing a substance, flower essences are made with a more gentle approach. The flower is picked at sunrise and placed in a glass bowl of pure water and left in the sun for the day. The essence of the flower is diffused into the water.

Another method used, for more woody substances is boiling. The water becomes the remedy, the “stock”. The stock is then diluted down the same as with Homoeopathic remedies.

The preparation method leaves no trace of the original plant, therefore allergies to the plants used in the remedies should not pose any danger.

Bach flower remedies should be used in conjunction with nutritional diet, exercise, fresh air, meditation and complimentary medicines.

Rescue Remedy is possibly the most well known remedy, which is in fact a quick-acting blend of five Bach flower remedies that each target stress. In addition to stress, this combination of remedies was specially developed to relieve acute anxiety and panic attacks, and is intended to be particularly useful during emergencies.

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My hug with Amma

Big screen showing Amma sharing the hugs.

My visit with Amma

You may remember I wrote about Amma the Indian Hugging Saint coming to London a couple of weeks ago, well she came and we visited.

I wasn’t feeling that great on the morning of the visit. I had felt really tired for about 7 days, my immune system was low, I had a bad cough and a tight chest – but I have been working til late, trying to sort out my web site and other stuff ! (yeah even I get to feel sick sometimes!! Not often though), –  That morning I bundled the children and myself up to Alexandra Palace and waited to see Amma.  We all got our hugs and had an amazing day there. The next day, I woke, refreshed, like I had done a yoga class and meditated the night before, I felt full of energy and strong, the cough had gone and I felt truly amazing , as though I’d been renewed – honestly! Call it a coincidence ? I don’t, I know it’s the blessed Amma hug – my kids were full of energy too the next day!!

Bless you Amma




The theory that meditation can reduce stress, depression and even chronic pain is one that has been gaining in momentum in recent years. Mindfulness is about learning how to pay attention to the present moment. It is not a religion it is mental training.

There is no doubt that with our busy lives, hectic schedules and constant demands on our time, that we all need to de-stress ourselves.  The Mindfulness techniques aim to enable us to calm our manic monkey minds and to learn to focus and regain control.

Mindfulness teaches that thoughts are transient, they come and go. You have a choice on whether to act on them or not. Mindfulness is about observation without criticism. When stress or unhappiness hovers overhead, don’t take it personally, just observe the thoughts with detached curiosity, allowing you to catch the negative thought patterns, before they tip you into a spin. You therefore regain control.

Mindfulness can bring about long term changes in mood and levels of happiness and help to deter depression and can also improve memory, and creativity.

Large companies like Apple and Google have been offering classes in Mindfulness to their employees for years, to support their workforce to be more successful and fulfilled in the workplace. Mindfulness can also aid teamwork, enhance creativity and resolve conflict.

Staff are the heart of soul of every company, so they should be nourished and cared for. run regular workshops for Mindfulness for corporate clients.

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