Recommend a Friend and Reap the Rewards

Recommend us to your company and if you and your friends  book 6  seperate 30 minute chair massages in your office you can  claim your prize.

Aroma Room Sprays

Aroma Room Sprays

All sessions need to be booked one after the other and can be between 10am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Human Resources, say Hi! , get them to agree and book the room!

Your reward for looking after the health of your co-workers , is a pack of 3 special Natural room sprays.


For bookings please contact or call 07976 263 691 or visit our website at

The Natural Room sprays fragrance your surroundings with beautiful fresh aromas. All of the room sprays are 100% natural, They come in convenient 30ml glass bottles, suitable for use in the home, office and car.


This wonderful cheery festive room spray has a delightful scent, reminiscest of mulled wine and cloves.


Citrus, with sweet ylang ylang and base notes of cedar will help you to unwind and comfort your mind body and soul. This blend is perfect to help you find your balance and peace in the build up to the busy festive season.


Try this clearing aroma to relieve seasonal symptoms. Eucalyptus and peppermint  mixed with the healing of Tea tree. Renowned for ability to help with breathing and decongestion.


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