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My hug with Amma

Big screen showing Amma sharing the hugs.

My visit with Amma

You may remember I wrote about Amma the Indian Hugging Saint coming to London a couple of weeks ago, well she came and we visited.

I wasn’t feeling that great on the morning of the visit. I had felt really tired for about 7 days, my immune system was low, I had a bad cough and a tight chest – but I have been working til late, trying to sort out my web site and other stuff ! (yeah even I get to feel sick sometimes!! Not often though), –  That morning I bundled the children and myself up to Alexandra Palace and waited to see Amma.  We all got our hugs and had an amazing day there. The next day, I woke, refreshed, like I had done a yoga class and meditated the night before, I felt full of energy and strong, the cough had gone and I felt truly amazing , as though I’d been renewed – honestly! Call it a coincidence ? I don’t, I know it’s the blessed Amma hug – my kids were full of energy too the next day!!

Bless you Amma





The theory that meditation can reduce stress, depression and even chronic pain is one that has been gaining in momentum in recent years. Mindfulness is about learning how to pay attention to the present moment. It is not a religion it is mental training.

There is no doubt that with our busy lives, hectic schedules and constant demands on our time, that we all need to de-stress ourselves.  The Mindfulness techniques aim to enable us to calm our manic monkey minds and to learn to focus and regain control.

Mindfulness teaches that thoughts are transient, they come and go. You have a choice on whether to act on them or not. Mindfulness is about observation without criticism. When stress or unhappiness hovers overhead, don’t take it personally, just observe the thoughts with detached curiosity, allowing you to catch the negative thought patterns, before they tip you into a spin. You therefore regain control.

Mindfulness can bring about long term changes in mood and levels of happiness and help to deter depression and can also improve memory, and creativity.

Large companies like Apple and Google have been offering classes in Mindfulness to their employees for years, to support their workforce to be more successful and fulfilled in the workplace. Mindfulness can also aid teamwork, enhance creativity and resolve conflict.

Staff are the heart of soul of every company, so they should be nourished and cared for. run regular workshops for Mindfulness for corporate clients.

Interested? Then contact Suzi Cinalli on 07976 263 691 or email on


To read more about mindfulness go to

Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Prof Mark Williams



Mindfulness for beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness for Beginners Audio Book





Zen Air

Zenbow diffuser

Zenbow Diffuser

This pyramid of light and fragrance soothes the mind, body and spirit.

I’ve found this most amazing aroma diffuser, which has made me so happy I could sing!

I love my essential oils and believe that they really can make a difference to our happiness and well-being.

This Zenbow diffuser uses as few drops of essential oil and a small amount of water to generate the most heavenly smells, turning your home into a mini spa.

Feeling a bit sniffy, well then just add a few drops of eycalptus oil to the mix and inhale deeply for instant relief.

Struggling to get to sleep? Pull out some lavender oil. Whatever mood your after, this stunning diffuser will help you achieve itl.

This elegant gismo also has mood lighting which moves through a rainbow of colours while it dispenses it’s aroma scented mist.

Visit to find out more.

Disclaimer: I only write about things I genuinely like. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. 

Recommend Friends and get a Free Massage

Chair Massage

30 minute chair massage in the office can reduce stress, tension and leave you feeling more focused and creative.

Recommend friends and reap the rewards

Here are those pesky terms and conditions to qualify for your totally free full body massage.. Ahhh I can almost smell those candles now…

You will receive a relaxing one hour Swedish massage in the comfort of your own home,  if you and your friends book a minimum of 6 x 30 minute chair massages in your company.

All sessions need to be booked one after the other and can be between 10am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Human Resources, say Hi! , get them to agree and book the room!

Your reward for looking after the health of your co-workers , is a one hour free massage that can be booked Mon-Sat between 10am-6pm at your own home.


For bookings please contact or call 07976 263 691.